Getting Your New Blog Off on the Right Foot: Setting Up House

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Congratulations, it’s a blog!

It’s January 1st, and we know what that means: lots of you are starting your first blogs, and many more are re-committing yourselves to blogs you already have. The next few weeks here on The Daily Post are all about tips and tools to help you kick off your blog resolutions (blogolutions? resoblogs?), starting with a two-day crash course.

Even if you’ve been blogging for a while, it’s worth revisiting the building blocks — there’s always room for improvement. And if you want a blogging immersion, check out the Zero to Hero 30-day Challenge, starting tomorrow.

Okay, enough yakking. Time to blog.

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Composite Image


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Femur, Fibula & Tibia

Also known as legs. 

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Photography Without A Camera

I recently tried photography without a camera.  How does anyone photograph without a camera? Photography is just record making.  Photography records life simply. It can record memories, objects, and people. People don’t need a camera to record. I have been experimenting with scanning objects which is a form of photography. It sets an automatic black backdrop creating contrast with the foreground and background. It literally copies the image down for recording. It’s not traditional. It has opened my eyes to new possibilities. It has taken me out of the lense and into my life.

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During the summer sometimes with the 100 degree weather and humidity, you can lose inspiration. Face it, no one in the world wants to be outside photographing while the sweat drips down your forehead and the sun glares at your shoulders, as if you’re the suns enemy. If you’re brave enough to face the suns’ wrath, you have another enemy. Beware of flash rainstorms, you can be walking on a hot day, then BAMM! It’s pouring rain and you’re in risk of hurting your baby, your beloved camera. Your other enemy, the clouds can be pretty dangerous if they decide to throw lightning which they usually do. Your enemy is the weather. To stay inspired, despite the cruel unruly weather, I found this picture that can you and me stay motivated to do what we love.


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Andrew B Myers Inspired Photographs


Andrew B Myers, born 1987, grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada. He’s a recent graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He’s a photographer that meticulously arranges his objects before photographing. He’s more of a photo maker than a photo taker meaning that he physically places items in certain arrangements and then photographs. He tends to photograph miniature toys and such. He takes these toys and adds a colored background that really adds contrast to the colors. He controls every aspect of his photo. Myers creates the photograph with such clean lines and makes negative space a major priority. In some photos he uses long shadows while in others, none.

In my photo, I decided to use a common phrase to be a basis for what objects I used, “Wake up and smell the coffee”. Myers often exhibits puns in his work. I used an indigo colored solid background, a mug, coffee beans and a clock to make it look like my phrase. I took Myers’ use of negative space and long shadows to create a successful Myers’ inspired photograph.


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